• What size tent do I need?

    The tent size depends on the event type and number of guests. Please call for more info.

  • Do I need permits?

    Each town has its own requirements and bylaws for tents and related accessories (i.e. heating, lighting, power, etc.). If desired, Special Occasions can obtain the necessary permits for your event. We charge the cost of the permits plus an additional fee, usually the cost of delivery to your area.

  • Do you set up the equipment?

    We set up all frame and pole tents at no additional cost. Standard pricing on all equipment is for it to be dropped off and picked up folded and stacked. We can set up and break down equipment for an additional fee.

  • How far in advance should I book my order?

    This depends on the date of your event. Our busiest two months are May and June so we recommend booking 2-3 months in advance. For all events though the earlier the better so we make sure we have all the desired equipment in stock.

  • What do you require to confirm an order?

    We ask for a 20% down deposit

  • When does the balance get paid?

    The balance is payable before or at the time of delivery or can be charged to your credit card on file unless stated otherwise in the rental agreement.

  • What is your cancellation policy?

    The 20% deposit is fully refundable up to 72 hours prior to the reserve date. After this the deposit is non-refundable. In general we try to be as flexible as possible with this policy and each cancellation is determined on a case-by-case basis.

  • Do you have any package deals?

    Yes, please call for current package deals and pricing

  • What is the delivery fee?

    Delivery fees vary depending on the location and scale of the job.

  • Are your items priced per day?

    No.  Per event, or priced as one day for the weekend

  • What is damage waiver?

    Damage waiver is an option available to you that covers accidental damage (ex; broken dinnerware, stained linens, damaged equipment).  Damage waiver does not cover lost or damaged items due to neglect. It is 10% of your total bill.

  • Customer Responsibility

    Rented equipment is the responsibility of the customer until it is returned. In the case that the equipment is lost or damaged in any way, the customer will be charged the full replacement or repair cost in addition to the rental cost. Damage waiver is offered to customers for an additional fee. This is not insurance and does not cover lost or stolen items, however it covers the cost of the repair due to accidental damage, as long as the broken equipment is returned.

  • When can I pick up my rental order?

    Rental orders are typically ready for pickup the day before an event.  We charge a one day rental fee and you may still pick up the items the day before and return them the day after for a one day charge.

  • What do I need to do to equipment prior to returning?

    Rental Equipment like glassware and dishware needs to be rinsed, food free before return.  Concession machines should be wiped clean.  No washing is needed for linen as each material has a unique process to go through, please do not put in trash bags!

  • What is the difference between a Canopy Tent and a Frame Tent?

    These two styles of tent look similar from a distance however do have some distinct differences. Frame tents are professionally installed due to their heavy duty metal frame. This frame makes them better equipped to withstand harsher elements, such as high wind and snow. These tents must be anchored, however can be set up over asphalt, concrete, decks, etc. Frame tents do not have a center pole, which allows for greater interior space and maximum flexibility with layout design. 

    Canopy tents on the other hand provide a less expensive option for shade from sunlight or light rain. These tents are picked-up in store and set up by the customer. Canopies require staking and therefore, must be set up on dirt or grass. There is a center pole and sidewalls cannot be installed because of this tents light structure. 



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